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Web Hosting & Support Packages

We offer web hosting for of our clients at a very reasonable price. Most businesses pay far too much for their website to be parked online, and in many cases they are not even receiving a "service" as many web hosts are self-serve. Our clients can choose to host with us or not; all we ask is that you allow us to see if you are paying an amount that makes sense for the hosting services that you are receiving. For too long, online service companies have taken advantage of their clients not making informed decisions.

We offer standard rate and custom support packages to all of our clients. One of the things that sets us apart from other web design companies is that our business model does NOT require us to get all of our clients on high priced monthly support plans. We believe that we build our clients' trust by showing them exactly what they are paying for and teaching them how to do the basics, so that they don't need us once their site is up and running. The vast majority of our clients have quickly improved their operations while reducing overhead allowing them to grow and then hire us again for their next project.

Our clients own the websites and software we build for them and have full access to their own files. However, there are some cases where our clients would prefer to have someone else handle their online presence. We offer monthly and yearly support packages to fit the needs of these clients as well. Let us handle all of your website updates, graphics, marketing, search engine optimizations, and even your social media interactions.

As of January 1st, 2012, we even offer on-site IT support for individuals and businesses in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

For more information on our web hosting and/or support packages, please contact us here.

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